Jury hears daughter’s lawsuit after fatal fire truck accident

In emergency situations, emergency responders and other motorists have to cooperate on the road. For example, drivers have to yield the right of way to fire trucks, police cars and ambulances when their sirens and lights are on, and drivers of emergency vehicles cannot operate with reckless abandon en route to a scene.

Questions of this nature have come up in a lawsuit filed by the daughter of a deceased volunteer firefighter who was killed in a fire truck accident and needed a personal injury attorney.

The daughter was living in South Carolina when her father was killed in a crash in Virginia. A lawsuit alleges that the driver of the fire truck occupied by the father was reckless while going through a red light. The fire truck driver also died, and the daughter’s claim is against the driver’s estate.

The lawsuit also alleges that the driver of an SUV was negligent when she failed to yield to an emergency vehicle and crashed into the side of the fire truck. The SUV driver had a green light but apparently didn’t notice the fire truck coming through the intersection.

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